STELA Laxhuber GmbH
84323   MASSING
Phone Number: +49 872 48 990
Facsimile: +49 872 48 990

Booth No.: 20-22 mars / Hall 10 - N37
Stela Laxhuber GmbH is an international focusing company in the field of drying technology. Through the professionalism and quality of our plants, we have established ourselves as the market leader of drying plants worldwide. Our clientele comes from the agricultural and industrial sector including intersect oral companies.

When it comes to renewable energies, the belt dryer for biomass digestate and various other products are an important segment of the product range. The dried biomass is used in various areas for fuel production. More than 150 sawdust driers have been realized so far with a capacity of 5.000.000 t/a.

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