HoSt - Waste to Bioenergy
13 Rue Michel Grimault
44110   Chateaubriant
Phone Number: 02 44 05 53 90

Booth No.: 20-22 mars / Hall 10 - W01
HoSt offers a total biomass-fired energy plant solution. HoSt biomass-fired energy plants contribute to ensuring the success of a circular economy by producing renewable energy, solving waste management challenges, and creating valuable end-products from organic waste.

HoSt biomass-fired energy installations can be fired with a great range of biomass fuels such as RDF, wood, straw, chaff, olive pulp, chicken manure or other (organic) waste. Thanks to smart engineering, high efficiency is reached, long lifetime is guaranteed, and maintenance stops and costs are reduced to a minimum. HoSt offers turn-key solutions (EP/EPC) and tailor-made services to the specific clients’ demands.

HoSt compact biomass boilers are available in the capacity of 2 – 6 MWth to produce steam or hot water, suitable for various industrial processes and applications. HoSt industrial biomass boilers are available in a wide range of configuration options in the capacity of 6 – 50 MWth and 1 – 15 MWe for the production of steam, hot water and electricity.

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