Urban Valley BtC
16 chemin du bas des Indes
95240   Cormeilles en Parisis
Phone Number: +33 (0)134117610
Facsimile: +33 (0)130100079

Booth No.: 20-22 mars / Hall 10 - X15
Girodin-Sauer is a major player in the field of air compressors and gas medium and high pressure. Girodin-Sauer now offers a wide range of standard or special compressors for various industrial applications.
Our range of water-cooled compressors or air is currently the most modern on the market.
Backed by an engineering and resourceful performance test Girodin-Sauer is able to design and manufacture complete systems and compression treatment of air or gas to meet any special request.
Our expertise is in the following fields: air and gas compressors (bio methane, natural gas, helium, nitrogen, noble gases ...) Medium Pressure and High Pressure - Automation of control and associated control - Reduction of airborne noise and structural vibrations - Complete engineering of compression modules. Girodin-Sauer is a subsidiary of the German group J.P. Sauer & Sohn.

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