6200   JENBACH
Phone Number: +43 5244 6003 725

Booth No.: 20-22 mars / Hall 10 - V21
INNIO Jenbacher Gas Engines business is a recognized leader in the industry for fuel flexibility, low emissions and performance excellence with energy solutions providing efficiencies as high as 98 percent. A specialist in combined heat and power (CHP), mechanical drive, waste heat-to-power and fuel rating technologies, INNIO’s Gas Engines business boasts a combined 170-year legacy of technological innovations crossing three product lines -- Jenbacher gas engines, Waukesha gas engines and Heat Recovery Solutions. INNIO’s Gas Engines business manufactures gas-fueled reciprocating engines, generator sets, CHP modules, ORC systems and auxiliaries for power generation and compression, delivering cleaner, more efficient, and affordable onsite energy with products that generate a wide range of distributed power outputs.
Represented By :  CLARKE ENERGY

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